INLYLE Stylish Blue RFID Blocking Leather Wallet for Men Original


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Key features of INLYLE wallets

Fashionable to look at and luxurious to hold, wallets developed by INLYLE enhance a very outstanding vibe to your outfit. With this, you will find both quality and as well as timelessness at an acceptable rate that will gift a smile on your face and some wealth in your pocket. INLYLE excellent quality leather wallets are designed with beauty and distinctiveness.



Inlyle designed wallets serving various stylish looks according to the customer. If you are looking for a simple style, a leather wallet with a minimalist style is adaptable and can be used with formal and casual costumes. We designed wallets appropriate for modern and trendy looks, smart looks with casual touch which you will love for sure.

• RFID blocking protection

The advanced technology of RFID, helps reduce high-tech robbers from reading data on your credit cards. This will ensure safety to protect your valuable things even in any crowd. We give priority more to function than appearance. The strong and durable leather wallet is productive in function and will last longer.

• Perfect size and easy to hold

We provide you perfect wallet which suits your size to put the materials inside. You can choose the right size from our collections of glamour wallets. Understanding how much you carry is the main to choosing a size for your wallet. It is less bulky so that you can carry it easily around and use it.

• Perfection and Diversity in colours

A wallet can indicate your personality. A wallet is a personal thing. It not just directly holds your identity but speaks quantities about you as a person who is messy or organized. To give out an appealing impression, we provide you with perfect stylish wallets which are available in black, light blue and brown. These classy colours denote a high standard and an organised look.

• Top-quality leather

When choosing a wallet for men, it’s important to consider the brand. Inlyle uses top quality leather to create this awesome wallet. The leather wallets are form-fitting and highly durable, going on to be one of the best materials used for making branded wallets. The edge of our leather wallet is thinned and turned before stitching. We provide you with an elegant look and quality material which flawlessly goes with your shoes and belts. You can experience a rich feel with the amazing quality of leather.

• Remarkable Gift for men

If you want to give your boyfriend a gift he will use always and which will constantly be with him, a wallet is an ideal option. We provide your wallet based on your style and needs. Inlyle pays attention to his style as well, whether he selects design over functionality.

A wallet with a purpose

• Functional Coin compartments

Inlyle offers you a nice, compact wallet with really soft leather and a snap coin pouch. These coin compartments allow you to store and use coins safely. Our wallet enables you to smooth the usage of cards and coins whenever you wish. The pockets are large enough and there are many card spaces to easily take cards out and put them back.

We at Inlyle design each Wallet while keeping in mind about best interests of our consumers. With this wallet, you can store and carry your coins individually in the coin pouch preventing the crumpling of your precious notes and bills.


This wallet is going to be your daily mate because of its large compartments. Apart from numerous card slots, the wallet is depicted with 2 secret sections. It will assist you to keep your significant documents protected from being lost.


The design on the exterior body of the wallet with thick contrast fibre adds additional elegance to this wallet. The Inlyle Logo just enhances the finishing details of this wonderful range of wallets. The inners of the wallet are lined with monogrammed polyester lining which is not only aesthetically impressive but also highly long-lasting.


As a craftsman, we guarantee you satisfaction not only in style and taste but also in the quality of the material. A good wallet will also be comfortable in your pocket and bring you some pleasure. It is lightweight, compact and convenient. The wallet is not at all heavy and stays locked and steady when all your stuff is put in. The size is likely to handily fit in your pocket or to be kept in your everyday.

Pick what your heart goes for

We at Inlyle creators like to experiment with unique styles & colours to discover what our consumers like the best. The brand new leather wallet range comes in 3 spectacular colour varieties for you to select from. The dual-colour design of this wallet distinguishes it from all the regular wallets. Stylize your daily look by Selecting the colour that suits your personality the most. Outstandingly elegant and properly built.

The colour and quality are incredibly perfect. You will love the colour combinations of black outside and tan inside. You will be blown by the presentation of the packaging and the finishing of the product. Inlyle wallets give you experience in perfect hand feel.


We at Inlyle creators constantly seek fine quality and Identity. Our primary aim is the satisfaction of customers. The Inlyle male wallet leather comes neatly packed in a Black Box. The Prime packaging makes it an excellent gift for men of all age groups at all events. Select the exact gift that suits his style and brings joy to your loved one’s heart.

Mostly ladies give wallets as a gift to their loved men. This product is widely utilized as a gift and cannot be presented without decent packaging. A wallet box is used as a gift box for a purse. There are many types of these gift boxes we provide. The two-piece style is one of the most widely adopted and successful packaging for wallets as these are simple to use and can be decorated with great details. These two pieces arrive in both folding box style and pre-assembled style made out of heavy chipboard material.


Several Credit Cards, ID Cards etc today are entrenched with RFID (Radio Frequency Identification chips). These RFID chips have private data on them which can be skimmed by RFID Scanners. Our wallet men leather original are suitably designed to encase your cards in a material that avoids problematic RFID scanners from skimming your private data for shady intentions.

Go for a medium-sized(3.5” X 4.5”) male wallet which doesn’t irritate you while you are seated. An oversized wallet enables you to pack more which makes it messy whereas a tiny wallet doesn’t carry your necessities properly. The ideal size you can choose from our Inlyle collection of stylish wallet for boys makes you satisfied.

GIFT BOXED: wallets for men will be delivered in an attractive gift box, making it an outstanding gift. Dimensions: LxHxB_11x9x1 Inches. We ensure you 100% customer happiness. The delivery is quick and safe.

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